I wanted to let you know that I will be happy to be quoted about the work you do.  I will give you a strong recommendation.  I am impressed with the quality of your work, your attention to understanding the purpose of a particular site, and your willingness to change something when I wanted something different.  Changing the colors on the “people” for the image on the Corporate Training image, that was pretty good, Adam.  Pretty good work there.

The site looks good and I will be sure to share your information with every one on my site.  I know people are going to ask me who did the site.  :)

Because of you, I am in a completely different position with the website and my business.  Your mind understands what is required to build a good site.  Just a pleasure to work with someone as competent and intuitive as you are.  This website is what I needed and now I can start to go after different contracts and different clients.  Thank you so much, Adam.  Now I can work at making this business grow.